Our firm was instrumental in the development of the implementation of deferred programs and specialty courts in Shelby County.  They began by a lawsuit filed by W. Barry Alvis against Robert E. Owens, in his capacity as the District Attorney of Shelby County.  There are various specialty courts that exist throughout different counties with concentrated programs for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, theft and mental illnesses.  Most counties have at least some program that deals with these issues. It is highly desirable that you consult an attorney both knowledgeable in these areas and that has an office located or practices frequently in the area in which you want to be placed into the specialty court.

There are a number of deferred programs through the various city courts that deal with certain offenses.  These programs can be very helpful in the protection of your record and vary in cost depending on the location and the type of program involved.  These programs are different in all counties and cities and you need the assistance of an attorney to fill out the application and give you all of your options, including the costs associated and the pros and cons of your participation in the program.  Our firm has dealt with these Courts in almost every municipality in the Greater Birmingham area, including but not limited to Jefferson County, Shelby County and the Bessemer Cut-off.  The main advantage to these deferred programs that in almost every instance your case will be dismissed at the end of the program if you successfully complete the program.