Property crimes, such as Theft of Property and Receiving Stolen Property, can be treated as felonies or misdemeanors.  Largely, these crimes are based on the value of the merchandise alleged to have been stolen.  These offenses can be treated as Class A misdemeanors, Class C felonies, and Class B felonies.  In addition, these crimes are considered to be crimes of moral turpitude, which can affect your rights in other areas.


There are a number of specialized statutes in the Code of Alabama that deal with issues regarding theft of cable television service, charitable fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent leasing of rental property, theft of services from public utilities or a business, trademarks, trade secrets, and even someone’s identity.  Identity theft is an area of major concern and it is aggressively prosecuted by State and Federal authorities.


Our firm has handled a number of cases in State and Federal Court dealing with the misappropriation or theft of property or services.  These cases can be prosecuted in the State Court system as well as in Federal Court.  There is a much broader category of prosecution in Federal Court for theft related offenses.  It is highly advisable that you immediately consult with an attorney knowledgeable in this particular area if there are allegations of your involvement in the theft or misappropriation of property or services.  Any small act you reveal to the police can place you right in the middle of a Conspiracy for a property crime just by talking to the police.