We handle all misdemeanor cases, violations and traffic cases in all the municipalities and District Courts  in Shelby County, the Greater Birmingham area and statewide in other surrounding counties.  These cases are all tried in front of a Judge, who is normally a practicing lawyer during the day but is a municipal and city Judge by contract with the City.  We try to maintain and feel we have very good relationships with all the municipal and city Prosecutors and Judges.  A case can be tried in the city or municipal court or plead guilty to it to a jury trial at the Circuit Level.

We are familiar with all the different procedures and policies of all the different cities and municipalities.  Barry Alvis has been handling and trying cases in these cities for his 27 years as a criminal defense lawyer.  We additionally stay in touch and recognize the Court Administrative staff in these areas at holidays in order to remind them of how much we appreciate their willingness to work and with year long gratitude for assisting our firm with continuances and helping us get our clients in and out of their Courts quickly.

Many cities and municipalities have specific deferred programs for drug and alcohol cases.  Every city has a different application process and set of criteria for getting into these deferred programs.  A lawyer is a necessity to walk you through the program.  In many cases, we have had clients who have had to do their program in different states or counties because of work or school, have had to be excused from urine screens for a period of time due to the need to be out of town for school or work, or needed to petition the court to expedite their case because they needed to be off of a probationary / diversionary program like deferred because of a pending divorce or because they needed to enter a segment of the military.  These are all real examples of times that we have to petition the Court with Motions and Requests and have been successful in helping our clients achieve their specific goals in order to work and move forward with their future.  Only a lawyer that is familiar with the system can adequately represent your best interests and get the best result after your arrest.

There are numerous legalities that police officers have to adhere to when writing tickets or making arrests for misdemeanors and DUI.  You need an attorney to look at all of your paperwork and make sure that the police have not committed a technical error that can be used in your defense.  We have had more than one instance where the police have not written the charging instrument, which is the ticket, correctly and this alone was the reason for us to be able to get our client’s case dismissed.

One last issue that comes up everyday is the issue of failing a random urine screen.  You can drink nonalcoholic beer but it still has alcohol in it, you can take some medicine and it will make you test positive for drugs, you can drink other types of nonalcoholic energy drinks which can cause a positive result.  You will need a lawyer to advocate for you if you receive a dilute or failed urine screen result because in almost all the programs one dilute or failed urine screen will get you removed from the diversionary program.

We will walk you through every step of your case and in most cities and municipalities, it will help you to get out of Court first because most cities will try to take lawyers first as their schedules are more hectic on court days.  We will keep you informed via letter of everything going on with your case including mailed reminders of your court dates.  If you have a case in any municipality or city, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and we will let you know your options for your particular venue of arrest or ticket.