Our specialty is criminal defense which is 80 percent of our practice.  We spend a great deal of our time handling criminal cases and consulting in other criminal matters.  We also handle domestic cases such as divorce, PFA (Protection from Abuse orders), TRO (Temporary Restraining orders), child custody, divorce modification and other domestic matters.  Additionally, we handle some plaintiff cases or in our free consultation, we will be happy to help you get to the lawyer that is best to handle your case.  We also regularly handle wills, advanced healthcare directives, and powers of attorney documents.

We regularly sue DHR (Department of Human Resources) in many instances associated with criminal litigation and their placement of innocent individuals on their Statewide Central Registry.  In addition, we handle litigation with DHR on emergency plans in alleged sexual abuse cases and all other issues that arise when a DHR complaint and investigation is instigated.

In our combined 37 years of experience, we have handled almost every type of legal matter.  However, we are certainly not experts in all areas of the law.  We will be happy to sit down and meet with you whatever your legal need may be in order to help resolve and represent you with your legal matters or get you to the right attorney to handle your specific case and issues.

We welcome you to ask others that have used our services or any attorneys that you may know about our reputation in the legal community.  We do not advertise with exception of this informative website and run our business strictly on a referral basis.  We feel word of mouth is the best advertisement any professional can have and we stand on our principles and ethics and the exceptional representation of our clients.