Cases are resolved generally by one of two methods: plea bargain or trial.  Most cases are resolved by means of a negotiated plea or a plea bargain.  In a plea bargain, the defendant agrees to enter a plea of guilty or possibly a best interest plea to a particular offense with an agreed upon result.  Judges are not bound by a plea agreement; however, most judges follow the recommendations in connection with a plea of guilty.


Cases which are not resolved by a plea bargain or some dismissal are ultimately tried before a jury of your peers.  A jury consists of twelve persons who are summoned from the county in which the offense is alleged to have occurred.


A jury trial can be a very intimidating and scary process.  A person facing a jury trial should pay particular care in the selection of counsel to insure that the particular attorney retained has experience in the type of cases that the accused is facing.


Our firm has been involved in many jury trials through several counties within the State.  It is also very important that your attorney has good relations with the Prosecutor and / or District Attorney’s Office.  It is much easier to work out any type of agreement when the parties are not immediately hostile.  Trial is the time to be aggressive, not during the negotiation process.  We will handle your negotiations the way we feel is in your best interest or the way you, our client, feel is best after taking our advice into account.