When a person is arrested, they are generally provided a certain amount for bail which is necessary to be posted to effectuate the release from custody. There are recommended bond ranges within the Code for particular offenses and particular level of felonies.
Bonds can generally be posted in the State of Alabama by means of cash or certified funds, a professional bond through a bonding company, or a property bond. You should consult with the Sheriff’s Office in the county where the bond is to be posted to determine what special conditions the particular county requires. Some counties require more than one piece of property and other counties require that property be posted with a bondsman if the bond is a particular amount.

Motions for Bond Reductions are filed frequently in cases. In many bond situations bonds are set substantially above the financial ability of the defendant or his family to post the bond; therefore, our firm will file a Motion with the Court to have the bond reduced based on the accused lack of criminal history, the family’s inability to post the bond, the accused’s assets and ties to the community, such as his or her job and family.