The law firm of W. Barry Alvis and Associates, L.L.C. has two offices for the convenience of our clients in the North and South part of Shelby County and Jefferson County.  Our offices are located on Valleydale Road in Birmingham and in Columbiana directly across the street from the Shelby County Courthouse.  Our office in Columbiana is very convenient during jury trials so that our clients have a place to wait and not feel uncomfortable waiting in the courthouse waiting areas.

We can also be reached at any time on our cell phones, email or text message.  We maintain this availability because in our line of work it is imperative that our clients are able to reach us at all times day or night because emergency situations arise where legal counsel is critical to our client’s defense.

W. Barry Alvis and Associates, L.L.C.
Main Offices
2450 Valleydale Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35244
205-444-4773 – work
205-444-4776 – fax

W. Barry Alvis and Associates, L.L.C.
Columbiana Office
100 Main Street
Columbiana, Alabama 35051