The following are testimonials from clients that we have represented.  We have been involved in many cases but unless specifically directed by our client, we do not talk to the media about our cases due to attorney-client privilege and respect to our clients.  We have represented and been involved with many high profile cases throughout the years such as the Alabama Church Arson cases, Inverness Country Club Arson Case, Capital Murder case involving multiple murders on Highway 280, Highway 280 Pawn Shop Murders, and many more.

  • “Through diligence and complete perseverance, Barry and Lara Alvis not only settled my serious and unfortunate case, but did so much within a very suitable timeframe and in a manner that has now given me the freedom to live my life and pursue my career.  I could not have not asked for more.  Thanks!”

    A. A. from Birmingham, Alabama
  • “Barry and Lara were able to negotiate a settlement in a very contested business contract issue after we had tried to resolve it ourselves but to no avail.  We couldn’t be more satisfied with their services and would recommend their firm for any type of legal work as they were excellent to work with and kept us informed all the way through the litigation.  They returned all of our calls and we were not treated like just another number but they actually cared about our situation.  Additionally, after we got Barry and Lara involved in our contract issue, the company backed down and agreed to live up to their end of the contract.”

    Retired President of Birmingham Corporation and Former IRS agent
  • “W. Barry Alvis and Associates, L.L.C. provided me with excellent and efficient representation in a complicated and heated custody matter.  The result of this domestic litigation was that I received custody of my children which was a significant feat for a Father.

    Anonymous from Jefferson County, Alabama
  • “I was initially charged with Drug Trafficking and as a result of their very effective representation and relationships with the legal community; I was able to resolve my case as a misdemeanor.  I would recommend their services without hesitation to my all my friends and family some of whom they have already represented.”

    C.C. from Shelby, Alabama
  • “We were facing a serious legal issue with one of our children and Barry and Lara were recommended by family.  We couldn’t have been in better hands.  They handled our child’s case with the utmost experience and professionalism.  At the time of the issue, we were of course very unsettled but Barry and Lara were very easy to talk to and put our minds at ease from the start.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of our friends who ever need their service

  • “I am most pleased with the services I received from W. Barry Alvis and Associates, L.L.C.  Barry and Lara were proficient, professional and helpful in providing assistance in relation to my case.  I would highly recommend their firm to my family and friends.”

    O.L., Administrative Accounts Manager, Hoover, Alabama
  • “Thank you for everything you have done for me because it is appreciated more than I can express.  Thank you for taking your time to take good care of me and for all the time you spent talking with me.”

    Administrative Assistant, Shelby County
  • “My comment is in my capacity as the Director of Juvenile Services for Shelby County.  I have not personally used the legal services of W. Barry Alvis and Associates, L.L.C. but I can personally attest that they truly care about the community in which they work.  They donate their time and resources to come and speak to every session of the juvenile deferred program and their message is clear.  They come and state without fail that they are there not looking for clients but trying to share their knowledge and experience to keep these juveniles from becoming part of the system and needing their services down the road.  I feel they have made an impact on many juveniles in this community with their honest and important community service work.

    John Miller, Shelby County Juvenile Services Director
  • “Let me begin by saying that I strongly believe that no attorney on the face of this earth could have possibly have gotten me out of so many speeding and driving infractions.  Additionally, they have always showed up for my cases and sent me reminder letters for every court appearance.  They seemed to know everyone in the system and when I was in Court with them and that made me feel like I had the best lawyers in the room on my side.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation.”

    Process Server, Resident of Jefferson County
  • “I am very pleased with the services rendered defending a recent motor vehicle alleged violation.  The Alvis Firm was knowledgeable, attentive to my needs, professional and expeditious in all facets of the issues.”

    CEO of Birmingham Area Manufacturing Company
  • “In my research to find the best for me, I found that even other Lawyers and Judges recommended their firm and some even had used W. Barry Alvis and Associates.  So I tried Mr. Alvis and now over 15 years later, he is still my lawyer.  I have had two other lawyers before Mr. Alvis; but, he has been the best for me.  They worked hard to get my cases settled in MY best interest and not the State’s best interest.  I have never had a complaint of any kind with the services they have provided me.  I recommend them to my family, friends and business associates for their needs.

  • “Offering good legal advice is a given with Alvis and Associates.  What made their representation even more valuable was the way I was treated, like a person, not just someone paying for legal advice.  I’ve been represented by large law firms in the past with my business.  They always made me feel like just another client file number.  The difference is measurable, they cared about my matter and me as a person.

    Business Professional, Birmingham, Alabama